Tired of trying to find the perfect gift? Give them a fun and interactive experience that they will be talking about for weeks! Purchase a gift voucher for Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries, ANYTHING! Escape the ordinary by gifting an escape room experience that they will never forget!

You can buy the card in just a few clicks. Choose the amount, provide your contact details and click add to order. Once you have purchased it, you will receive it to your email. Gift cards have no expiry date. If the price of the game is higher than the amount of the gift card you have an option to pay the balance during the checkout.

The cost for an escape game is $39 per person. So if you are wanting to buy a voucher for 4 people, set the value to $156 and quantity to 1.

1 Person = $39
2 People = $78
3 People = $117
4 People - $156
5 People = $195
6 People = $234
7 People = $273
8 People = $312