Terms & Conditions

Please read these carefully as they form part of an agreement between yourself and Xcape

  • By booking your Experience with us you accept our terms and conditions

  • You agree that if you are suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs or present a danger to the property or persons present you will be refused entry.

  • You agree to follow safety directions from the escape master at all times. You understand failure to follow any direction given may result in the immediate termination of the experience.

  • Persons under the age of 14 are permitted entry into the Xcape experience however they must be accompanied by at least one adult. The adult agrees to supervise the persons under the age of 14 at all times during the game

  • You agree to be liable to Xcape for any damage or loss caused by you in your participation in the Experience where such loss or damage is the result of actions not reasonably within the scope of normal participation. 

  • You consent to the use of video surveillance for the use of assistance within the experience, safety instructions or to make claims when necessary of damages to the property or facilities

  • You understand that participation in the experience means you may interact with your environment but the game does not require the use of any excessive force or physical abilities such as but not limited to running, jumping, and crawling. You accept that deliberate, inappropriate or excessive use of force may result in the termination of the experience without refund and will make you liable for any damages or loss.

  • You must arrive 10 minutes prior to you booking. If you are late to a booking your allocated time for the experience will be reduced by the amount you are late so as to allow Xcape to keep to schedule. If you are any more that 15 minutes late the session will be deemed a no show and no refund will be given.

  • You agree to disclose any serious medical conditions to Xcape  prior to participation. 

  • Vouchers can not be cancelled or redeemed for cash or credit

  • Bookings cancelled with less than 48 hours notice will not receive a refund, but maybe rebooked at a later date;
    No-shows or refusal-of-entry are deemed to be a cancellation. ​

  • You agree to not make any video, photo or other recordings of any part of the experience and understand that videos, photos and/or recordings are strictly prohibited. 

  • Xcape, including the employees shall not be held liable for any loss of your personal items/belongings.